Oria – Mesagne: a walk between olive trees. (28th stage)

16,6 kilometers flat stage. Starts from Oria city center, by walking via Epitaffio and then via Latiano (road n. 71). You are in urban area, and you can walk safely on a sidewalk.

Sidewalk ends when buildings also end, so, for at least 350 meter you have to pay attention because you are on the board of a possible heavy traffic road. Sometime a walkable quay helps you.

Elevation profile

Turn on your right and follow the sign  cyclable path, a narrow paved road. Walk along railways about 3,5 km, and you will arrive at the church called Santa Maria Gallana; follow Madonna di Gallana street that ends at the cross with Provincial Road n.71. Turn left along the Road (remeber, is a traffic one) and soon you will turn on right to take Road n. 72, a paved quiet road that runs between olive tree fields; rarely becoming narrow between fence walls.

the dangerous parts in black

After a  long stretch (about 8,8 kilometers) up to the intersection with Road n. 71 (pay attention crossing it), you  continue straight and, after a while, the road became a dirt road. Across the Salento – Muro Road (n. 73) and go ahead on the same quiet road between olive trees.

Olive trees and wheat field between Oria and Mesagne (photo by Alessandro Scillitani)

Further on, the lane becomes again paved, but always quiet. A long stretch to walk and you arrive at Mesagne Ring road. Pay attention when you are crossing it: no pedastrian strips there! Follow the Road n.45 toward Mesagne, and straight go inside the urban area. The first part of this Road (500 meters), busy, is without side walk, but then second one, up to the walk stop at the center of Mesagne, is safe.









Railway Stations: Oria, Latiano (2.3 km from the intersection of SP70 and SP72), Mesagne

Airports: Grottaglie (26 Km from Oria), Brindisi (19 km from Mesagne)


Explore this stage from bird’s flight view, watching this video: