The Appia Way project kick off

Just with the new year, the executive design of the Way starts. The group of professionals composed of RTP SAB srl, DODI MOSS srl and Studio Costa Architecture srl, winner of the tender called by Italian  Ministry for the design of the Way, has started the work.

The activities include: check of the route traveled by Paolo Rumiz & C. and developed by Riccardo Carnovalini, identification of the remains of the ancient road and the other archaeological, infrastructural and landscape elements connected, verification of critical parts and of the variations necessary to put the path in safety, design of the works on path, on tourist and information signs, on milestones, on rest areas and  landscape etc..

Mibact controll of solutions proposed by projectists will use a group of specialists who will check any different aspects of the Way. The Mibact group and the designers will use, for the dialogue and checking solutions, an innovative IT tool developed by the Ministry: an information system for geographical reference, already equipped with a detailed topographic survey of the affected area, aerial photos, georeferenced archives of archaeological and cultural heritage and many other geographical information as well as, of course, the route traveled by the Rumiz group already classified by type of background and level of risk. The designers will upload the proposed solutions on the system, step by step, and, with an original geo-post-it answer system, the MiBACT group will be able to comment, report, request insights, verify alternatives, dialogue with the designers.

An original and innovative solution that will be tested within this project and that could have interesting future developments. The solution developed could prove successful, considering that the members of both the design group and the Ministry’s verification group are distributed throughout the national territory, and the works involve four Regions,  the Superintendences, that have a fundamental role in the protection and management of the Appia Antica, and many various local offices of the same Ministry and that in this period there are also difficulties of displacement and meeting due to anti-Covid measures.