Railways and bus station along Appia Antica road

Oftenly, a walker may have not time or the interest to walk  the whole road, but only stage by stage.

In these cases is usefull to know where Appia Antica way is near a pubblic railways or bus station. The map show many main or secondary railways, that across Appia Antica, usually at the start of one of the 29 stages. Following, you will find a list of the railway stations, ordered by region and, then, in alphabetic order.

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Traditional agricultural and food products along the way

Italian traditional agricultural and food products, called in italy PAT (Agricultural Traditional Product), most registred in UE as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI or Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSG), are about 5400 in an official list pubblished every year by Italian Agricultural Ministry.

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