Mesagne – Brindisi: A flat walk with few difficulties (29th and last Stage)


This stage is about 16 km. long. You start from Piazza Romano (Mesagne center) and walk the urban roads on a sidewalk, in order following: Via Brindisi, Via Francesco Vita, Via San Lorenzo Martire.

Then, follow the same not busy road outside of urban area; the walk is safe: instead of sidewalk you can oftenly  use a gravelled quay or grass land strips along the road. When you arrive at Mesagne Ring Road (pay attention acrossing it), go on using the local road n.16, always with low traffic, up to another cross with Road n. 80.

altimetric profile

Straight on the same Local road n. 16, now a dirt road and so more confortable for walkers. You cross another road (n. 50) : remain on your n. 16, that runs parallel to main Road “Appia”. After next intersection (Road n. 43  to Restinco) your road becomes paved, but always with low traffic. Your walk contuinues on a local one, called n. 16 (attention when acrosses road n. 43) and arrive at the paved parallel (complanare) of Main Road n. 7. You already run 10 km from start point.

You walk on this road (complain of main road) paying attention – medium car traffic on it – and you arrive at  a junction  and a roundabout (attention, car traffic!): go under main Road n. 7, then ahead toward commercial and industrial area of Brindisi (red arrow on map). You are now at the center of a very busy area, without sidewalks or pedestrian acrosses: so is very important to be carefull. After the roundabout your walk is more safe: you can use grass along the road (on the left side, commercial center). At the next round about turn right (Strada per lo Spada???) now road with sidewalks. You go under main Road n. 16: attention here, underpass is large, car traffici is busy and there is no sidewalk. (red arrow on map).

Dangerous parts

At the end of the underpass there is a traffic light with intersection (but without pedestrian strip across): take the right. We are about 13 kilometres from the start and just 3 at the arrive. We are inside Brindisi, and from here the walk is safe on sidewalks. At the next intersection turn right to via APPIA and follow the road, underpassing the railways and arriving at Porta Mesagne. You are now in the ancient center of Brindisi: walk Via Carmine, via Ferrante Fornari, Via Santi, Via Duomo e Via Colonne and you arrive at the end point of the Appia Walk: the place with the Romain Colummnes in front of the adriatic sea.








Railway stations: Mesagne, Brindisi Cittadella della Ricerca (2.2 km from the SC50 and SC16 intersection), Brindisi Perrino (150 meters from Strada per lo Spada), Brindisi

Airport: Brindisi


Explore this stage from bird’s flight view, watching this video: