Walking on Appia Antica

Why plan a journey, interventions and developments, stages and services

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The Experiences

The tales of walkers and wayfarers. Impressions and sensations, difficulties, landscapes and visits to places, meetings.

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Walkable Parts

The description of the stages that have the least safety problems and that could already be covered with low probability of risks.

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Discover by Walking

water, food, rest, refreshment, transport and services

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Archeology and Art

Monuments, museums, historical places


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Panoramas, nature, landscapes and climate. Environmental and landscape protected areas, flora and fauna.

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The Atlas of the Appia Antica

The interactive map of the Appia Antica, with all the stages, monuments, sites and villages to visit

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Appia Regina Viarum

The History of the Appia Antica, from the project to its realization in Roman times. The use of the ancient road in the following ages, the restoration works, the state in recent years.

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About Appia Way

The Appian Way was the road which, in antiquity, hosted the encounter between the Roman culture and the Greek culture and which, in the Middle Ages, with several variations, became the route of European pilgrims to the Holy Land.

ltalian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism wanted to devote a special time of reflection to the “Bouts” meaning “the cultural itineraries of particular national and/or European interest accessible on foot or …

The Ancient Appian Way is without a doubt still alive in our collective imaginary for the long range journey which secs its presence distributed in most regions of Southem  Italy and …

Il pane dell'Appia (di Paolo Rumiz)

Il passepartout del viandante sull’Appia antica – via di pietra, di vento e di grano – nasce da un matrimonio tra simboli antichissimi: l’alfabeto e il pane.

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