Enhacement of italian walking tours

ltalian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism wanted to devote a special time of reflection to the “Bouts” meaning “the cultural itineraries of particular national and/or European interest accessible on foot or by other forms of sustainable mobility and representing a way of use of the natural and cultural heritage, as well as an opportunity to promote the natural and cultural attractions ofthe territories concerned” in line with the Cultural Itineraries spread by the European Council program (Mibact Decree 567/2015). The enhancement of the cultural itineraries is therefore included in a much broader reassessment and conversion strategy of the cultural and historical shared heritage; a strategy that involves an environmental and cultural reality but also the intangible heritage, which abound in our tradition and education.

By enhancing the Appian route we reposition multiple territories culturally and economically, each with their own peculiarities and a composite background, built and made by ancient wisdom. The synergy among the single attractors radically linked to the territory and connected to each other physically and historically, can help a rebirth that is a harbinger of investments that can stimulate the useful potential to reactivate the overall productive fabric.


Antonia Pasqua Recchia

Secretary General MiBACT