Masseria Miseria – Palagiano: A long walk but quite pleasant (24th stage)

A stage 29-kilometres long that descends towards the Gulf of Taranto. As a landmark we use the intersection of Provincial Road 22 and Provincial Road 19.

At 350 meters from the intersection on SP 19 direction Laterza, on the left between two vineyards, departs (start of stage) a dirt road that after about 600 meters reaches a ditch.

Altimetric profile

You cross it and continue straight until you reach an intersection with dirt roads; continue on the comfortable road ahead, until you reach the Provincial Road 20, paved (2.7 kilometers from the start). Take to the right and continue on this road toward Gioia del Colle for 2.6 kilometers, up to a 90-degree turn (pay attention: this road is without any protection for walkers).

Here you take left (Masseria and Dairy Candile) and then immediately right on the dirt road that allows us to walk quitely.

first part of 24 stage

Further on, you find an intersection. You always keep your left and continue on Via Masseria Castria (SC 33) – paved – up to the  cross with the State Road 7 Appia (8.3 kilometers from the start). You have to cross this main road and then follow on the dirt road in front of you; after about 150 meters stay on your left hand.

At the next junction hold to the left and, at the next intersectionm take to the right. The paved road is a bit wider, not busy and with a narrow quay on the sides. The sea and the Gulf of Taranto will soon appear. You cross another paved road and continue on the dirt road with sea view, crossing many vineyards.

At a crossroads you continue on your  right until you cross the Provincial Road 15 , paved: now ou are over 17 kilometers from the start). Take the Provincial on the left: pay attention; here you find sustained vehicular traffic and after 600 meters you reach a complex intersection where you take Provincial Road 13 towards Taranto and then immediately turn right along the metal fence (on your right) walking a dirt road across cultivated fields.

second part of 24 stage

Go straight until you reach an intersection with a paved road. Turn and right and then immediately left on the dirt road (methane pipeline) that continues over a passage with bar.

Here the road ends towards a grove of trees; continue on the track, leaving the road on our right. Then the track continues overcoming the gravina (small canion) of Castellaneta, here not deep (in fact it was the ancient passage of the gravine). Go up the gravina on the other side  until you take a paved road to the right.

After about one kilometer you reach the Provincial Road 14 (attention: this is a busy road) ; you cross it and continue on the paved road on the other side of the provincial one. At a crossroads keep your left and continue on the same road until you reach Palagiano (Via Matera, Corso Alcide De Gasperi, Piazza Vittorio Veneto – end of stage). From SP 14 to Palagiano there are about 6 kilometers.




Railways stations: Station of Castellaneta about 3 km far from walk; Palagiano – Mottola (4 km Palagiano center)


Airports: Internazional Airport of Bari (56 km from Masseria Miseria); Taranto – Grottaglie Airport (43 km from Palagiano)


For a ride on the bird’s-eye stage see the video: